We are happy to offer our own KloTH candles, inspired by our longing to travel again, and the places we hold in our hearts. 

Riviera is fresh salt that collides with juicy orange and nestles into warm vanilla and rich amber. No guesses where his one transports you to. 

Made from 100% high quality soy wax and lead free wicks.  

The jar is a lovely matt black glass and can be used again as a vase, or container etc.

400 grms with up to 40 hours burn time

The jar measures 9cm x 10cm- this a a large candle.  

Keep wick trimmed to 7mm or 1/4" 
For first use, burn for around 1 hour until the wax pool meets the edge of the glass.  This allows for an even burn.
Let the wax cool before burning again.
Do not burn longer than 4 hours at a time.